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Welcome to, a place I come to write about my work experiences, goals, travels, and overall perspective on life. This site is updated quarterly, but check out my work and my eLearning Experiernce in the meantime.

I’m originally from New Jersey, but have called San Diego my home since I was three years old. I love the fact that I was raised by ‘East Coasters’ because they instilled the drive in me to have goals and a passion in life. My passions revolve around art and traveling. I absolutely love experiencing new cultures and eating new food! I’ve always had a love for art of all kinds: fine art, music, film, digital photography, and everything in between. If I could travel the world to visit different museums, galleries or public art installations, I’d be one happy lady. Frida Kahlo Art Show at Casa Artelexia

An artistic place I have found that I enjoy being a part of is Casa Artelexia, in Little Italy, San Diego. I was an intern at Artelexia, and now I stop in from time to time to enjoy the creative space, workshops, and galleries they offer. No matter where I am in life I look for opportunities that are new, inspirational, fun, calming, and exciting all wrapped into one. Art has and will always be a constant in my life.

Yoga and Marigolds

Now let me explain how I got into website development. Once out of high school, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do in life. At that time I didn’t know how I was going to join my passion for art with a career choice. I attended Community college and worked full time at a credit union in San Diego, which proved to be a great start. Later I gave design school a try, and ended up majoring in Web Design at a school called Platt College. Originally my goal was to become a graphic designer working for a magazine company like Wine Enthusiast or Rolling Stone. To this day I still absolutely love doing print design and content development, but an opportunity to work for a magazine has not come to fruition as of yet.

My talents as a designer are constantly being shaped with the ever-changing world of technology. It is both intimidating and intriguing to work in the web industry, but I seem to have found my place in the development of online contents in academia. Currently I develop eLearning solutions for National University. I have been involved in countless projects designing and developing online courseware, as well as developing training for staff at National University. I’ve done everything from course design to SME directed instructional design. The knowledge I continue to learn about eLearning and it’s multi-faceted approach is priceless. Being a web designer and an eLearning developer means I have to keep up on web standards and the ever changing world of browsers. Web designers must be comfortable with the ebb and flow of educating themselves.

So I’m proud to say that I am a student for life. This is something that was instilled in me at an early age because I come from a long line of educators who taught me that learning is life long. In my own pursuit of education I’ve made my own discoveries such as why a person makes the decision to go to school. I decided to pursue my masters degree in educational technology in hopes to continue my journey through learning. Also because learning is in every business genre!

In case you were wondering what else I enjoy doing, wonder no more! Yoga, scuba diving (I absolutely love the ocean,) cooking, eating, hanging with my animals and family, soccer (futbol) & baseball & football games, traveling, road trips, video games, reading, painting… and more. To the right is a picture I took in 2015 while visiting the Salvador Dali Mueso in Figueres, Spain. The Aliyah showcase was nothing short of marvelous! The artwork contains mixed media but I myself found an interest in the use of India Ink and Watercolors because I enjoy using Alcohol Ink droppers. If you ever find yourself in Barcelona please make time to hop on the train north to the Dali Museum!