Winds like a balloon, or glider or skyrider..

What places have you been that inspire you? I could name many places near and far that inspire me, especially if they offer a delicious cuisine! Although I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie because I love to exercise equally, a guilty pleasure of mine is watching the travel channel for the FOOD. Besides my mother I once had a great mentor in my life who taught me the importance of traveling. Since then I have traversed many states, countries, and nations. In 2013 I spent time in Quintana Roo, known for its deep, lush jungle. A quick road trip to the different cenotes on this part of the Yucatan Peninsula proves to be an excellent daytime getaway. If there were any one thing I’d say that inspired me in Quintana Roo, I would say that it was the influence of the Mayan culture. I found myself steeped in Mayan culture at every turn during my two-week experience. The rituals I witnessed, the stories I learned, and the ruins I climbed provided an incredibly spiritual experience for me. Not only is the Mayan culture full of vibrant colors and mythical stories, but their influence on the mind, body, and spirit is quite strong. Yoga was an excellent way to kickstart every morning in Quintana Roo.


In 2014-15 I was working a ton of overtime. An extra seven or ten hours a week added up quickly, and I saved all of the money I could in order to take another trip. I took a look at some Yoga retreats and cruises, but I couldn’t decide on one. In September 2015 I visited Spain and Italy for my 30th birthday. I began in Madrid, took a train to Barcelona, hopped on a cruise to Portofino, Civitavecchia, Rome, Palermo, Ibiza and Mallorca. My second to last day I hopped the metro to Figueres (north of Barcelona) to visit the Salvador Dali museum. I was gone for two weeks altogether, and in that time I learned so much about the culture of Spain (and food, of course.) I learned a lot about myself, and this trip restored the faith I have in conversing in Spanish. This was my second trip to Italy, my first time being in 2010. I can say that I still need to work on my conversational Italian, but I can definitely cook Italian food (thanks Grandma!) There’s always work to be done, right?