Image Editing Tricks in Photoshop

As my course work for master’s program comes to an end, I look back and see how far my content development skills have come. I learned how to keep things interesting and relevant, but also how to address various levels of learners. When I say learners I am referring to the general public because we are all life long learners. My opinion has come to be that the best way to help inspire someone is to teach them something! So that brings me back to the contents I have developed in the past ten months. I created many different learning materials using various software. One piece of software I was not familiar with was Camtasia, and I was ready to learn something beyond the typical Adobe programs I use. Of all of the skills I have learned as a designer I think the most advantageous one is my willingness to learn new things.

So here we have it – the video that I created using Camtasia! I stuck to presenting on a topic that I have a wide range of knowledge about: Photoshop. The techniques I cover are meant for people who are new to image editing for the web. Hopefully you will feel inspired to further explore Photoshop!